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What We Do

Ultraspan is a complete design, manufacture, and construction company. We also provide a comprehensive feasibility, estimation, design, and project management package for all of our clients. We are able to handle every aspect of your design and build from the moment you contact us until the date your construction is completed.

We design our steel buildings to suit your specific project needs and requirements. Our experienced in-house design team uses the latest software to produce a 3-dimensional model of your project ensuring 100% accuracy prior to production.

  • Our buildings are fabricated and constructed with millimetre accuracy to meet critical clearances.
  • We are experienced with consents, approvals, planning, and building regulations to ensure that your project is fully compliant.

At Ultraspan, we provide durable and quick-to-build fabricated steel structures using precision engineering for hassle-free construction. All of our buildings are tailored to suit your project's requirements and the building's size is limited only by the parcel of land available. For Ultraspan there is no job too big and no specification too tough.


1. Feasibility

After carefully listening to your initial ideas, we are able to analyse and evaluate the concept and assess your project's viability. This is an essential pre-requisite to any proposed project as it uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of your concept and evaluates the project's potential for success.

Concept Design

2. Concept Design

The next step is where we compile your thoughts, ideas, and any rough sketches you may have so that we can get the basic "concept" for your project down onto paper. From here, we create a set of initial drawings and form a project strategy to decide how best to achieve all of your project's goals.

Resource Consents

3. Resource Consent Applications

No matter how simple or complex your project, preparation is key. We are able to conduct all the necessary research and planning. If any aspect of your project's design falls outside the regulations set out in your local council's district plan, we will produce the documentation and building plans required to obtain resource consent. We then submit the applications to the council on your behalf. Basically, we deal with all the paperwork while you go golfing.

Detailed Design

4. Detailed Design

A detailed design allows us to evaluate your design prior to manufacture and construction. We take the conceptual design and, in conjunction with the structural engineer, create detailed construction drawings and specifications so that your project can be implemented. We consider how to lessen any environmental impacts during the construction. We also consider the ongoing operation and maintenance of your completed project. We can work with you to develop detailed design and specifications that use appropriate materials for performance and visual suitability, while keeping within your project's cost constraints and complying with the required building code and standards.

Building Consents

5. Building Consent Applications

From the initial stages of a project, through to the design and construction, your local council's approval process affects the timing and cost of your project. We understand land use regulations, zoning regulations, and building consent requirements. We are able to develop a strategy to meet these requirements and submit your projects plans to the council for building consent on your behalf. While we are doing this, you get to squeeze in a few more rounds of golf.

Estimating and Cost Advice

6. Estimating & Cost Advice

We will establish a cost estimate for your project in the concept design stage. An early, accurate, and well considered estimate is vital to successfully control your budget. We will carefully monitor the design and provide estimates as it progresses. At each and every design meeting we review the design and challenge any items which represent potential cost issues. Our estimates will evolve alongside the design to give early warning for possible budget overruns, and to provide you with updated cost advice all the way through to construction.


7. Manufacturing

We are equipped to manufacture a complete range of structural steel buildings. Our in-house team designs to your custom specifications and we fabricate the steel according to your project's design. You are assured that we will only use the best materials and will fabricate and construct your project with millimetre accuracy. We will arrange the shipping and delivery of all fabricated components and then begin the construction.


8. Construction

We have an experienced and qualified expert in all aspects of our steel building engineering, fabrication and construction. Our builders work directly for us and are experts in the construction industry with years of experience and knowledge. They have worked with every range of construction material and equipment. For them, there is no job too big and no specification too tough.

Construction and Product Management

9. Construction & Project Management

We manage every facet of your project from the moment you walk in our door until the date it is completed. We are skilled in the process of planning, organising, and controlling the resources, people, and materials that make up your project to ensure it achieves your specific goals. We pride ourselves in executing projects effectively and efficiently, and for every project we will delegate an overall Project Manager with other designated personnel responsible for each element of manufacture and construction. Our project manager will bring a unique focus shaped by the individual goals, resources and schedule of your project.

No job is too big and no specification is too tough!

Large or small projects — Designed & Built. Ultraspan can do it!